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Game Bot Maker

Game Bot Maker
Game Bot Maker
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At our company, we offer a top-notch service where we can develop and create a customized game bot for you. We call this service "Bot Maker." Our bot maker solution works on various platforms including Android, PC, Linux, and Mac games.

Creating a bot program is a straightforward process. First, click the button description of the bot. After that, you can explain to us what the bot should do. It is crucial to note that these bots are not suitable for shooter games. We specialize in developing bots for mobile and card games and strategy games.

To use our Android bot maker or any other platform, you need to explain to us what the bot should do and for which game you need it. Once you provide us with the details, you can select the level of complexity that suits your needs.

If you have any doubts or questions, you can contact us via discord too or just use the description of the bot button. We will check if we can do it and how long it will take. Our team will provide you with an estimated duration for the project, and you can expect the bot to be ready in less than ten working days.

Our service is the best option for making custom game bots. Our bots do not use memory injection; instead, they work by detecting images on the screen and then executing their main logic. This makes them very efficient and reliable.

When you buy our service for making game bots, you will receive two lifetime CD keys for your game bot. We must note that we reserve the right to sell the game bot separately on our website once we create it.

In conclusion, our game bot maker service is the best option for anyone who wants to improve their gaming experience. We guarantee high-quality, reliable, and efficient bots that will meet your requirements. Contact us today and let us help you create the perfect game bot!

Please note that if you want to develop a Discord bot, you can ignore the hardware requirements, operating system, and the possibility of getting banned. For the Discord bot, you will only need a hosting space, which we can assist you do not have a hosting provider.
The development time for bots depends on their complexity and our current workload. Simple projects usually take around 5 working days, while more complex ones can take up to a month. Once payment is received, we will provide you with an estimated completion date.
We offer multiple payment options to purchase our services and game bots, including Paypal, cryptocurrencies, and bank transfer. Additionally, we provide several local bank transfer options for your convenience and specific payment options for each region. To see local payment methods change the currency in the top right corner on the desktop or on the mobile click menu. They will be visible on the checkout page.
Our game bots can be used on Windows. In some specia lcases we can make a gamebot on mac too if it is required. You can't use our game bots on tablets or your phone.
We offer an easy and hassle-free refund policy. If you're not satisfied with our products or services, contact us within 14 days for a full refund. No justification is required. We prioritize customer satisfaction. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
We take pride in the way we build our bots, which ensures that they cannot be detected. It is essential to note that the only way you can get banned while using our automation software is if you overuse the bot. While it's true that using bots in games always carries a risk of getting banned, we want to assure you that our bots are designed to minimize that risk. However, it's important to note that even if you get banned for any other reason, we cannot take responsibility.
Please note that this software requires at least 8GB of RAM and will work with any modern CPU. It is not compatible with tablets or phones; you need a desktop or laptop computer such as a PC.
Feel free to reach out to us We strive to reply within 12 hours, even on weekends. Please also remember to check your spam folder for our response. You can join our discord server too and ask us for support or help

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